Gun Control Becomes Top Issue of 2016 – Dana Loesch vs. Nomiki Konst

Published On June 2, 2016 » 9404 Views» 2nd Amendment, Dana Loesch, Featured Patriots, Recent Post

Media Distorts The Views of 2nd Amendment Supporters

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  • lastword

    who is that stupid bimbo who won’t shut up? interrupts dana, talks out of her ass and just has an annoying whiny voice? damn, shut the f up already

    • Nomiki Konst is rather clueless when it comes to the facts on gun statistics and Dana does a great job of exploiting this each time they knock heads in a debate.

  • Mad_Gorilla

    Nomiki Konst is absolutely clueless. If she opened Fibber Magee’s Gun Closet, she’d be buried by tons of data proving Dana’s assertions. Like most liberals, she’s great at spewing talking points based on bogus data, but super short of the real facts.

  • DontB_Afraid2Think

    The insanity of the Left is astounding!

  • future4seen Productions

    REALLY??? She said defensive gun use has only worked once in 30 years? Wow….what a total moron.

  • Mark Stevanus

    With name like Nomiki you can bet she is not very smart. She can’t of course be blamed for that. Next to a whiz like Dana, she sounds dumber than she looks!