Growing Talk of a Third Party Candidacy – Dana Loesch

Published On March 17, 2016 » 1708 Views» Dana Loesch, Donald Trump, Election 2016, Featured Patriots, GOP Candidates, Recent Post, Ted Cruz

Marc Thiessen & Dana Loesch respond to a recent poll that indicates that 4 in 10 would consider a third party candidate if Trump/Clinton are the nominees.

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  • LysolPionex

    Trump v Clinton = Clinton, with lots not showing up to vote for more local & state positions.
    Trump v Clinton v 3rd party = Clinton, with those not voting Trump showing up to vote for more local & state positions.
    Essentially, either would give Clinton, but at least with a 3rd party candidate more republicans would show up to vote for other positions, not giving Clinton the house and senate as well.

    • Not exactly certain why more people don’t get the gist of what you’re saying, but by all accounts is extremely plausible to believe this is more than likely to happen pretty much as you described.

      • Hubert Barnes

        So then does it become the responsibility of the third party educated voters or is it still the sole responsibility of the low information Trump/Clinton supporters if we indeed get a Hillary?