Greg Gutfeld to Geraldo Rivera: “Screw you!”

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EPIC SMACKDOWN: It finally happened, Greg Gutfeld schools Geraldo Rivera on true meaning ย gun shooting statistics

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  • JW Mack

    Screw You Geraldo! Moron.

    • jebor

      Eric handed jerry his arse recently, little beotch don’t even want to deal with Greg !

  • malady43

    I wonder why Fox news has this Mexican lover on their show. He cannot see anything beyond what is happening to this country and thinks that all of the bad things are being done to Mexicans only. I say, get rid of Geraldo, and he should join Jorge in the pledge of Univision if he hasn’t already. I don’t like this guy and never have.

    • Pete Connor

      Im still amazed that Idiot geraldo didnt get time off or fired when he threatened to Punch Eric Bolling ,,, heres a Hint you worthless lowlife Liberal …you have been and still are 1 step below Maury Povitch as far as Talent , why dont you go check out Al Capones

      Vault and see if theres anything in it . like Greg just schooled you ,, why dont you walk the walk , and when you get to the Fox Studios and not accept a armed escort ,you Sanctimonious piece of shit ,,,,Pete Connor

      • Dawn Lussier

        How does anyone take this daytime talk show host seriously. I remember him being hit in the face with a chair! Ahh the good old days. After the Al Capone thing he’s still considered a journalist. How about his stupid safari outfit when he was embedded with troops and gave away their positions. What an amazing ego that moron has. I hope that chair attack is on Google. I’d like to see it again!

        • Mswogger
          • Dawn Lussier

            Thank you.

            • Inigmadik

              Not Cool how it all started! But COOL AS HEEELLL HE GOT HIT!!! ๐Ÿ™‚
              It’s his fault it all happened anyway!!!!

      • Rob


      • Discochip

        The irony is that he was hoping there were guns in Al Capone’s vault.

    • Rob

      Well said

    • krimpett


    • a red blooded American

      just t rid of him!

    • Jan Clark

      Geraldo is no a good news anchor . He is not honest about anything. A big mouth who thinks he can bully everyone to thinking his way.

      • malady43

        Yes Jan, I agree with you. I have watched this man on Fox News, and wonder why they put up with Geraldo, unless to get more viewers like us involved.

    • lgoldrick

      I believe Ailes keeps him on because he’s a caricature of all liberals and thereby good for ratings. Liberals cheer him on and conservatives gnash their teeth and squishes wring their hands murmuring their Rodney King mantra, can’t we all just get along? Our version of the Colosseum.

      • Inigmadik

        I upped you for “Our Version of the Colosseum”!
        It’s what makes BABYLON, BABYLON~

  • Ken Wallin

    Geraldo is such a ass hat !

  • Michelle

    LOL Kick ass Greg! Horrendous Rivera and that stupid ass mustache!

  • Rob

    Geraldo is just being the dramatic over the top liberal ass hole

  • freecitizen3

    Geraldo needs to learn that his shouting and interrupting is inappropriate behavior

    • richardcancemi

      Geraldo is liberal trash because that’s all he ever spouts. He’s worse than Chris Matthews in his slavish love of Obama, the most evil of all Presidents ever elected. Geraldo makes more of a fool of himself everytime he opens his mouth.

  • Aytac Ercen

    Geraldo is a cartoon character at this point. With that out of style mustache, he reminds me Yosemite Sanchez. He has all the bad traits of a Jew, Puerto Rican, New Yorker, a lawyer, but none of the qualities of those groups.
    He belongs on MSNBC.
    To think this fool at some point thought he was qualified and ready to and deserving of replacing Tom Brokaw at NBC Evening News.
    Delusional little phuck!

    • Kenny Croley

      What in the world do Jews have to do with this ? IDIOT !

      • Aytac Ercen

        Unless you think Jews are one and ONLY ethnic group without flaws….Nothing I suppose.

        I said he had all the “BAD” traits of all that makes him who he is. I would have said the same if he was Lebanese, German, or Chinese. We ALL have flaws, maybe you are an exception. Looking at the way you proceeded to call me names and assuming you ARE Jewish, maybe you do have some flaws too.

        For some reason you did not seem be bothered that I said the same about his roots as a New Yorker, and his Purto RIcanness, and his occupation.

        You also overlooked the fact I said he lacked all the good qualities being Jewish, and a New Yorker and a lawyer.

        Don’t be too sensitive. Not everyone is out to get you.

        • I’d be willing to bet we have a troll in our midst here. Someone appears to have been over the top too easily ‘offended’

          • Aytac Ercen

            Not much of a rebuttal, but if that is the best you can do….I understand that!
            BTW, that would be a bad bet. I am not only not easily offended, I wasn’t offended at all.

            • Not you! ๐Ÿ™‚
              That comment was made in reference to that over the top sensitive response stated by Kenny.

              • Aytac Ercen

                Sorry Steven,
                I should read more carefully and write with less care. My apologies.

                • No problem!
                  Please feel free to weigh in on any of these posts anytime, your opinion is deeply appreciated and respected. ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Kenny Croley

          I get a little overzealous at times. I didn’t know Horendo Revolver claimed to be half Jewish. My mistake and I apologize.

          • Geraldo has worn this badge whenever it suits his purposes but he primarily pushes the other half of the family 98% of the time. He’s nothing short of a total embarrassment to the tribe
            (as it were).
            Over the years, his vile comments towards anyone who disagrees with his position on illegal immigration are as racist as anything you’d see or hear on the Daily Kos or a Klan rally.
            For the life of me, how he manages to maintain active status on the Fox News payroll is beyond me.

      • Geraldo’s mother was a Jew. According to the dictates of rabbinical teachings and Jewish law Jerry Reveria is a mamzer Jew you arrogant dolt!

      • HeisKingofKings

        What in the world are TROLLS doing on this site? They may be lost. Lord of the Rings is searching for Trolls for the next roll out of a sequel and they need many Trolls to squat under their old and faithful bridge. The bridge to no-where.

        • Reefer Man

          They’re not trolls. They’re people with differing opinions as yours. Stop being such a close-minded prick…. you’re making yourself look like a liberal.

          • HeisKingofKings

            You are joking right? I am not speaking of those who are real people with a different view. I am speaking about those who are paid by 3rd parties who stir up descent. They are called Trolls. But you were kind enogh to call me a Closed minded prick eh? acting like a liberal? Was my statement directed at you? I do not believe it was, You took it upon yourself to make it a personal matter, But I have no problem with people who enter thoughtful debate, I am not sure how I feel about childish name calling. I have not had to deal with that for over 15 years. My children are adults. Further more, you know nothing about me, my beliefs nor my thought process. But you sure are quick to lash out. So who is closed minded? I will pray for you to end your hateful ways towards people you do not even know. Peace to you Reefer Man.

      • Inigmadik

        Uh – the fact that the majority of them are Libtard’s that put the people that HATE THEM MOST in power?!
        Not knocking Jews, brother! Just state’n facts!!!
        They voted for Obama because Hitler wasn’t running!!!!
        Didn’t they?!

      • undem

        he’s referring to the fact that geraldo is half jewish, half puerto rican & 100% idiot.

      • Deb

        Geraldo says he is a Jew…..But We all Know…..That Israel Believes in Arming all Their Citizens with Guns, and even AK47’s…..
        He is a Wanna-be Jew……Oy Vey….BTW……Love the Jews…I was the only Shiksa is my neighborhood….I am more of a Jew than Geraldo has ever been…..Oy Vey…..

        • Kenny Croley

          I do love the Jews. I mistakenly thought someone was being anti Semitic. Again, my bad.

          • shropster

            Who has said anything bad about the Arabs (yet)? To dis the Jews, think Ashkenazim.

          • Kenny Croley

            What ?

    • Inigmadik

      Yea! Need’s to be thrown into a room of nose breakers without a nose guard!!!
      Sad thing is – the outside world paints America with the brush these CLOWNS were painted with now!!!
      And they’re mostly right to so!!!

  • ErShava

    Geraldo seems wayyyyy more concerned about the president getting shot than a regular citizen getting shot. That dude is a moron

  • Cyber Liberty

    The Close Captioning sucked. Is there a transcript out there, like Newsbuster’s or something?

    • You have a complaint about the close captioning? then whine to YouTube

      • Cyber Liberty

        I notice you said nothing to cast light, but instead called me a whiner. Screw you.

  • Uncle JoeJoe P

    Geraldo is a kissass. Like all the spineless sheeple, he tows the party line. Calling him a ‘journalist’ is an insult to the few real journalists we have left. He’s America’s version of Piers Morgan and it’s a damn shame the imbecile is still on the air.

    • Inigmadik

      What “Real Journalist’s” do we have left?!
      You mean the Weather Channel folks?!
      Or Alternative News/Youtube folks?!

      • shropster

        Yes!! Exactly! Let’s hear it for Veterans Today, beforeitsnews, Tomato Bubble, & abovetopsecret.

  • Gene Spence

    He IS creating the desired NEGATIVE effect Fox HAS TO HAVE, for a “fair and balanced” broadcast…His JOB is to “stir” Conservatives “up”, the same as with poor ole Bob Beckel, who I couldn’t help but like, and feel sorry for his demise.

    • Tim Rafferty

      I actually kind of like Beckel, despise Geraldo and Allen Combs.

      • FYI: Beckel just signed with CNN, so he’s not coming back to ‘The Five’

      • threecats

        Combs! Looks like an escapee from a wax museum.

        • Patricia

          Coombs looks like The Crypt Keeper.

  • jack

    How has this idiot been on Fox so long? Roger Ailes should send him to CNN with that other goon Kelly who ever. Geraldo makes stupid look good.

  • Tim Rafferty

    Geraldo is an insult to Hispanics and Jews.

    • He’s an insult to any human being who turns on the news with the intention of being enlightened.

  • Lorri French

    Geraldo is so ANNOYING Way to go Greg Gutfeld !

  • Teresa Stark Riordan

    Interesting… Seems that geraldo has armed security… …for him self… Thanks for outing him Greg

  • eldercurt

    Someone used the word ‘disingenuous’ and it threw Geraldo for a loop!

    • Geraldo detests those multi-syllable terms, especially when they define him so accurately.

  • paul

    i never thought that i would grow to hate this man but what piece of shit once again people that dont live in the real world telling people how they should live there life

  • Independence_R_US

    He’s one of the reasons I quit watching the FIVE. He’s another liberal that’s warps reality into their own little Utopian view. Where they can come up with any figures to scare their intelligent challenged voters into going along. Simply put they promote fear to be able to further their agenda of taking guns, taking control of speech, religion, & everything else. This allows then to steal with impunity. Once the guns go so does America’s ability to defend against the bad guys.

  • Marcel Daignault

    Geraldo is a big bore…… I believe they just said Geraldo has armed security as he goes to work at Fox News. If so, why can’t I be armed to protect myself from Blackswho are saying they want to kill whites randomly? Screw you Geraldo!

  • Chic Sphar

    Geraldo,trying to be relevant ! Good job Greg



  • Carl

    Geraldo left his brain in Al Capone’s vault.

  • threecats

    Geraldo is a pompous ass

  • rlborde

    I realize The Five needs a Left wing point of view, but
    Geraldo is SOOO annoying. I wish they could bring back Bob Beckel.

  • Candice Haas

    I miss Bob

    • shropster

      You are not alone.

  • krimpett

    Bring back Beckel!! Get rid of Geraldo yesterday. (and I couldn’t stand Bob, but he at least knew how to let others talk too!)

  • a red blooded American

    maybee,just maybee the next nut job will get geraldo.can you imagine the applause accross the world?

  • Tom Leist

    Never liked that liberal idiot either.

  • Tyrone Allen

    Hernando Revolver is a hypocritical moron.

  • fred murtz

    Good for Greg! Tell geroldo to think before he cryes , sounds a lot like Al Sharpton

  • tomjefferson

    And I thought Beckal was an idiot, deport that stupid ass.

  • Kenny Croley

    Lately I’ve been changing the channel when I see Horendo Revolver on. Thank you Mr. Gutfeld for that tiny bit of truth…..

  • I can’t stand that liberal hack

  • Jan Clark

    I am so sick of Geraldo . When will Fox replace him ? He is such a big mouth and always wants to fight with everyone. At least Juan, and that combs guy, don’t get so hostile they just aren’t very smart. Geraldo needs a mental evaluation

  • Jan Clark

    Fox needs to clean house of their mental patients

  • Lynn Henry

    Every time I see Geraldo on TV, I want to tell him the same thing as Greg, no matter what the subject.

    • Lex loathar

      Just visualize him duct taped to a chair and kicked down a flight of cement stairs. Ahhhh. Works for me every time.

  • Doug Lusch

    Geraldo is the biggest DOUCHEBAG!!! Anti-American progressive liberal pr**k!!!

  • forrestgrump

    Fox has some awful guests on their shows, Geraldo is one of the worst. Bob Beckel and Juan Williams are two others.

  • Thomas Pyke


  • Marian Fraitag-Palmer

    Geraldo stop saying how criminal it was for this officer to use the analogy he did. As any logical person should and does realize it was an example of the fact that every person’s life is important. Just because someone holds a political office does not make their life any more sacred then yours or mine. The point is we all deserve to be able to protect ourselves. The whole point is Geraldo, that no one should have the right to take away our freedom to bare arms! I have just as much right to protect myself as any other person. The real problem is the violence that is rampant. Why is it so important for the Government to want to want to disarm the American people? They were not concerned about the fast and furious were they? Now there is a real problem they brushed under the rug. Do you not wonder why they were willing to do something so stupid and dangerous. Why were they not held accountable????? I am not an extremist but my confidence is our government is dwindling. They are not trying to protect us they are trying to control us. Why do you think that is Geraldo?

  • Ted Hartley

    Someone pick up a chair! Geraldo, and every other person (not the POTUS) shoud do away with all of their body-guards. Then let him talk, oh wait he won’t be able to because someone killed him with something other than a gun.

  • Ballistic45

    Geraldo is a mentally ill Liberal who proves it by his own utterances and actions… Nuf said………..

  • Jim

    Geraldo cant be so dense that he didnt realize The Sheriff was making a point.

  • Robert Ronald Wynn

    He’s Correct I don’t own a gun but i think of buying one everyday. If somebody broke into my house and i had a gun i could protect my family.If I can call the police by the time they got here we would probably all be dead. They want to take gun’s away if they did that there would still be killing’s because the criminals will keep there gun’s. You can’t stop ,mass murder by nutcases they will just use other idea’s and weapon’s.

    • HeisKingofKings

      Robert, If it were me in your shoes, I would exercisemy 2nd Amendment Right. Before it is gone. Time is short. Stop thinking about it and take action to protect you, your property and your family. Check out the other post I made here regarding response time. Good luck and peace to you.

  • richardcancemi

    Geraldo ia an annoyingly stupid Liberal. I my view, my life is just as valuable as Obama’s; my family is just as valuable as Obama’s. Geraldo is like the Liberal fascist Pigs in Animal Farm who believed that they were more equal than others, Well, “OINK” you Geraldo and Obama too!

  • Don_TakitNEmore

    Where’s Beckel?

    • On CNN

    • HeisKingofKings

      They let Bob Beckel go after he was having major Back issues. So the story goes. Or he wanted to spend more time with family. You know, it is the usual statement given when phasing out of a person.

  • Stevon f. Nutt

    Geraldo Rivera, things you see on toilet paper for $500!

  • Goldcoaster

    Geraldo needs another chair upside the nose

  • Geraldo wouldn’t have the balls to debate me. He won’t even answer one of the points I make in my argument against gun control @

  • Reefer Man

    Geraldo is right, to a point. That Milwaukee sheriff is out of line for going onto national & telling folks it’s ridiculous to expect the police to protect you. That’s so irresponsible to suggest to millions of Americans that it’s a free-for-all & everyone should carry arms to protect themselves. The role of the police is still to provide protection & overall, they do a pretty good job of it. Carrying a concealed weapon for cases where the police can’t be there…. I have no issue with that. But I agree with Geraldo… that sheriff made it sound like it’s preposterous to expect the police to be the primary means of protection in the US.

    • HeisKingofKings

      “the sheriff made it sound like it’s preposterous to expect the police to be primary means of protection in the U.S.” that is an absurd statement. Try telling that to the thousands of citizens that live “outside city limits” who have to wait up to 20 minutes response time when calling 911. They are told by their local Sheriff to “Arm Themselves” because of response time and distance to travel from point of call. The police are the last line of protection for them. Refer man, please do not place everyone into the City/Police maze of confusion. The Sheriff were I live, they do not wear Black Shirts and Pants. They look like real law enforcement and treat us like they work for us the tax payer. And when we get pulled over by them for a traffic infraction, they do not shoot and kill us. Move out of the city, become a victim of senseless crime and you may very well rethink your position.

      • Reefer Man

        Oh dear God, you know where I live now. There are some amazing skyscrapers in my “city” aren’t there?

        • HeisKingofKings

          How old are you? If you were my son, I would take you out to the wood shed. Straighten your attitude out real fast. That is a promise

          • Reefer Man

            LOL. I’d slap your little ass around like the bitch you are. Have you begging for mercy motherf*cker!

            • HeisKingofKings

              Really, “little ass” I am 6″8 and weigh 295. Is that little to you? Begging for Mercy? I am certainly not a beggar and I am well aware of who dispenses Mercy. News flash, it is not you.

  • Geraldo Rivera is a MORON and a Government mouth piece. ALL DICTATORS LOVE TO DISARM THEIR PEOPLE. An armed society is a polite society.

  • HeisKingofKings

    Geraldo = to Bandit…I was watching the Five went that entire exchange went down. At last someone put Yosemite Sanchez in his place. He is the biggest media fraud to ever walk upright on the planet earth. He is nothing more than a “Has Been Tool” for the communist left that is trashing the Constitution of the United States. When Geraldo speaks, I place him in a cartoon category with the likes of Space Ghost and Johnny Quest. He plays the role of Bandit the DOG. He is no longer relevant, except in cartoon land. Kudos and high five to Greg Gutfeld.

  • Lex loathar

    Bath House Barry Ovomit without an armed goon squad? Never going to happen, but the point is well made. Meanwhile, the LEGAL serfs, peons and peasants of this country have to muddle through the muck and mire, defecated by this tyranny, to scratch out a living. God help us as the gubbermint sure doesn’t. They would just as soon see us drop dead at 65 so they wouldn’t have to pay SS “benefits”.

  • TheSecretaryofState

    I think I like Bob Beckle better.

  • BerniMac

    Geraldo is on TV?

  • Inigmadik

    He (Whorealdo) is a DUMBAZZ~~~
    Somebody grab a chair!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  • Kenny Croley

    I love the Jews. I love Israel. I made a mistake and spoke out in haste. I am trying to make it right. I can’t stand Horendo Revolver. And I have the guts to admit when I’m wrong. Sorry

  • Ricky Ross

    No argument needed. The facts speak volumes. “Myth: Gun Control Reduces Crime” … This American city made it a law that every home have a gun inside of it … an amazing thing happened, crime nearly disappeared and the city became a very peaceful place to live.

  • sparrow599

    Refuse to watch The Five when Geraldo is on. At least Bob was a lovable little fuzzball.

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  • James The 87,679,756th

    Everyone KNOWS Geraldo is a flaming LIBERAL MARXIST… except that he likes the BIG BUCKS. Hypocrite through and through.

  • tigersfan61

    Geraldo is a strange, sad little man…

  • Alleged Comment

    I NEVER ever argue with a lieberal. We are told not to quarrel with a fool lest we look like one too.

    I usually pelt them with eggs. It’s a lovely sight.

  • amuncat

    Oops! Did Geraldo just get called out? “…armed security when you go to Fox News…”! Someone one said this recently, and it bears repeating. “Why don’t we have the non gun people put ‘Weapons Free Zone” signage in their front lawns?”
    Makes sense to me! Show that you have no means to defend yourself…the criminals will LOVE this! They’re hypocrites!

  • akydon50

    When he was inbeded with the military he had all kinds of protection, yet he carried a pistol on his person. Why? I think he thought it made him look macho. Ask him about that Greg. You can not fix stupide.

  • Hellhound

    Sheriff Clarke is a real man. Geraldo is a pampered, Libtard Commie, who wouldn’t know the truth if it bit him in the a$$. He had a real hissy-fit when Sheriff Clarke said to take away Ovomit’s armed security protection if Ovomit thinks that nobody needs the right for self defense. Geraldo is a complete pussy.

  • barbarakelly

    Finally someone told the idiot off. Greg thank you. I have been waiting for this for a very long time.

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  • Virgil Ferguson

    Geraldo is a piece of trash. And an idiot, also. When he comes on The Five I go to another channel. I just cannot tolerate stupidity !

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  • jebor

    Atta boy Greg, jerry is an idiot ! Oh speaking of idiots

  • larry

    Yeah. That arrogant narcissist needs to take his smug snarks someplace else.

  • Terri Fiamma

    Thank you, it’s about time someone said something