Gov. Scott Walker on Fox News Sunday – Exclusive Interview

Published On March 1, 2015 » 1516 Views» Election 2016, New Face Of Conservatism, Recent Post

Governor Scott Walker sits down with Chris Wallace for a Fox News Sunday Exclusive Interview to discuss CPAC 2015 and the GOP Race for the White House in 2016

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  • Lorri French

    Great job by Scott Walker .

  • betsy44

    He is a smooth talker, most of what came out of his mouth was a lie, dodged questions, tried to lie about immigration, got caught, tried to lie about a woman’s right to choose, got caught at it, tried to lie about RTW and got caught at it. Wisconsin has always been above the national aver. in education, had nothing to do with him. But his policies will hurt us down the road. He doesn’t know what amnesty even is, but talks and talks trying to cover up. Chris did a good job of showing what a complete fool he is. And according to him, families with children, grandparents, hard working people, union and non union who protested are like ISIS. Now that he is running for Pres. God has suddenly come into his life, what a joke!! There is nothing Christian about him or the policies he puts forth. We had no surplus, and we will have no surplus. He pushed our debts we owe down the road, and now wants to borrow 3.1 billion. A real smooth talker though, problem is, it is all lies.