Fiorina Campaign Sees Uptick in Fundraising After Debate – Katie Pavlich

Spirited debate between Katie Pavlich and Mary Anne Marsh over the long term positive affects of Carly Fiorina’s strong performance at the first GOP debate

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  • Tom Behnke

    Katie clearly understands the positions of Fiorina and has listened to her. I’m not sure the other gal has. Calling Hillary out on her lies right now is important. She doesn’t need to “go up from there”. It’s already the truth and she can report the truth from now until the start of voting.

    • Well said Tom. Interesting isn’t it? How the left loves to downplay the idea of being called out on a lie?
      It’s almost as if it’s no big deal, nothing to see here, move alone. It’s a lie, so what. *sigh

      • Tom Behnke

        Totally agree, Steve. It’s clear that lies happened and I like the way she stood up to Chris Matthews as well. She might not be the perfect candidate, but as of right now, she’s a very honest one even pointing out her challenges at HP. I’m trying to recall the last candidate on The Left whom admitted wrong doing. It’s okay to make mistakes! Just be honest about the ones you’ve made and we’ll work with you. We just want someone who seems normal, confident and reasonable. Good gravy! This will be an interesting 15 months for sure!