Emily Miller: “France is Easy Prey for Terrorists”

“There has never been a gun control law that has reduced crime”
says Emily Miller, as she lock horns in a spirited debate with Brian Benjamin
over the effects of concealed-carry laws deterring smaller terrorist attacks in the U.S.

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  • Ken Gouge

    He knew he was wrong, just spouting the “mommies need some action” talking points. And for those that are unaware, they DO background checks at gun shows. It is not like a flea market.

  • ChristCrusader

    Emily Miller SLAMS the insanity!

  • meadmkr

    Eugene is a left-leaning hoplophobe that wants ever person defenseless.

  • marshallbrinson

    I am still waiting, as Emily said, for the Gun Grabbers to show me JUST ONE Law that has actually reduced crime. Murder is Illegal, but the law has not stopped it. Burglary, Assault and much more are illegal, but still happen daily! Laws don’t fix Criminals…but gun owners can!

  • Ron Campbell

    Well said Emily, you have to be a law abiding citizen of the U.S. so we know these guys can’t walk into a gun show and buy guns, and your comment on a conceal carry could have shot the suspect or created a diversion instead of shooting a video was a great point
    Nice job 🙂

  • BT

    Emily schooled him… he’s just too clueless to know he was schooled.

  • PILawyer

    Gun laws, or any criminal law for that matter, only define crime and punishment. They are enforced after the crime has been committed. They do not prevent criminal acts. The only thing that deters violent crime is sufficient resistance delivered then and there by the intended victim. If one has the intent to violate the more serious laws against murder or rape, it is illogical to consider that such volition will be deterred by stacking the threat of a lesser gun charge on top of it.

  • thinkpeeps

    Ridiculous argument. The gun laws in france are as strict as you can get. The terrorists will get their guns one way or another. Gun Lawas did not stop the French Terrorists and they wont stop a US terrorist. Someone intent on killing is going to kill. Why strip people of their right to self defense? Why strip people of their constituional right to bear arms?