Emily Miller Finally GOT Her Gun…PERMIT!

Published On February 26, 2015 » 3992 Views» 2nd Amendment, Emily Miller, Featured Patriots, New Face Of Conservatism, Recent Post

Now she’s on a quest to carry her gun in Washington DC

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  • John doe

    16 people ha

    • Backwoods Engineer

      Yeah, HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS in my small state have them. No “concealed carry killers”, no “blood running in the streets”, just citizens protecting themselves from criminal scum. “An armed society is a polite society.” The criminals and government fear the armed productive citizen, and that is a good thing.

  • Rob Morse

    Does a vending machine operator in Alexandria qualify because he handles cash? How about a jeweler from Poughkeepsie? Sigh. Guess I have not been threatened enough in DC to qualify.

    • Phillip Gain

      Apply and find out. If you’re denied, join in the lawsuit being funded by 2nd Amendment Foundation.

  • Foxyjosh

    Of course Emily would get her permit. Sure the documented threats were actually cited as the reason she got her permit but, the real reason she got her permit was the police chief didn’t want her precious laws and prejudices against the second amendment (and the people that want to legally exercise that right) further damaged by an in-depth investigation should Emily be denied. Emily’s permit approval was damage control and she should still investigate as if she was denied.

    • marshallbrinson

      Have you actually followed her reporting? If so, you would already know that she does not just drop these things. She was partially responsible for some of the previous changes as to getting your permit to own a firearm in D.C. Even after getting it, she continued to report on it for the WA Times.

      • Foxyjosh

        I do follow her reporting. Her getting the permit just means that she can’t write a denial piece through her experiences. Will that stop her from reporting? Oh heck no! I can’t wait for that lousy police chief’s “may issue” to become “shall issue” through the courts.

    • Backwoods Engineer

      NOBODY should have to “document a threat” to exercise an enumerated Constitutional right. NOBODY. It should be “shall issue” if you are not a violent felon.

  • Backwoods Engineer

    Doocy sounds like he is on the tyrants’ side. DC should issue permits to ANYONE who is not a felon, just like most “shall issue” states do. Even Virginia, bordering DC, does this. To do otherwise is an unconstitutional infringement. But of course, the tyrants have power, we “regular citizens” don’t.