Dr. Ben Carson on Gun Control, Trump, and Black Lives Matter

Compelling interview of Dr. Ben Carson Elaborating his position on Gun Control, Election 2016, Donald Trump, Racism and Black Lives Matter

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  • Lee A Maust Sr

    Dr. Carson would not allow himself to be baited into criticizing other candidates, but consistantly returned to his own agenda items and opinions. Masterfully done!

  • I have really respected the views and the way Dr. Carson handles the media. Go Mr. Carson and I hope you win.

  • bigdude7766

    It is such a pleasure to hear the words from Dr. Carson. He has a masterful knowledge of the problems that face America and he offers intelligent, common sense solutions. For the very first time in many decades I find hope for America and a decent, christian gentleman who will represent ALL the people ALL the time. Others have promised the same, but Dr. Ben Carson delivers. No double talk here; Dr. Ben is the doctor we need to heal this nation!

  • Don Lemon is a talking head. If there was a Minor League for interviewers he would be there… My mistake he is there on CNN!

  • Marc_Raven

    I pray that Dr. Ben Carson wins the 2016 election…somehow I feel he might restore the America we came love and respect many years ago, but which now seems to be on the brink of lying in tatters…