Dr. Ben Carson Clarifies Muslim Remarks – David Webb

Dr. Ben Carson places focus on Islamic Extremists as he clarifies his Muslim remarks

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    Damn right Dr. Carson! Thing that gets me is will someone explain the difference between the so-called good muslim and islamist muslim? They both consider their [holy] book that their beliefs are based on the koran. So what don’t we get? 206 times it says kill infidels, twice it talks and condones beheading. BTW islam/muslim whatever, it is not a religion! It is an ideology. And Jeremiah Wright’s preaching is not religious it is hellfire and damnation. So therefore, that is not a religion either. And we still haven’t had proof, truth, that potus is an american or a christian. All the birth certificates have been proven fake – but the MSM just loves to hide under a rock. I say, prove it to me, show me what barry has done that is pro-american or pro-christian???? Well??? Go ahead tell us. We’re dying to know!

  • Willie

    Not too long ago, he was asked whether the Constitution had authority over the Bible, he states he didn’t know. Today, he said the opposite.