Donald Trump vs. The Establishment – Michelle Malkin

GOP Establishment, Dems, Media Attack Trump over Muslim Comments, and Michelle’s latest book Sold Out are discussed

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  • kevinmdus

    Trump would be more practical to promote the NATION qualifier instead of the RELIGION qualifier

  • kevinmdus

    Of course, the RELIGION qualifier certainly sparks the publicity!
    In a few days, Trump will probably “back down” and use promote the NATION qualifier…such as the ARAB (and Persian) nations for starters

  • Timothy J. McCorkle

    When Their “Religion” is a Thinly veiled socio-political Governing entity for an entire society It IS NOT a religion anymore. it is a CULT OF DEATH.

    • Thomas Weiss

      Exactly and isn’t it amazing not one pundit brings up the POLITICAL aspects of Islam?…Trumps mistake was not really emphasizing that….

  • Allen C

    “Navel Gazer’s?” I Love It! Say it like it is Michelle!

  • Roger Skelton

    I guess 25 years ago Michelle Malkin book would have been

    Sold Out: How Manufacturing Corporations & Bipartisan
    Beltway Crapweasels Are Screwing America’s Best & hard working Middle Class

    And it will go down in history just like it has in the past…
    unemployable out of work… it’s only jobs Americans won’t and don’t want to do.