Donald Trump Unapologetic After Remarks About Sen. John McCain – Deneen Borelli

HEATED DEBATE: Deneen Borelli and Jehmu Greene go toe-to-toe over the fallout possibility of Donald Trump’s popularity due to his “no war hero” comment about John McCain

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  • Scott Snoopy

    in jemu’s eyes the only serious candidates are liberal progressive SocialistCommunistUtopianMarxist–SCUM like the current White House occupant

  • Phyllis M. Antonino

    Jemu … nice canary outfit. Could you be more rude defending someone when it benefits you. Very inconsiderate opportunist you are.

  • LockJL

    ISIS, Jemu? Really? Since when are you worried about ISIS? Your Islamic-sympathizer-in-chief is not worried about ISIS and I do not believe they are high on your priority list.

  • jensensah

    Jamine is a liberal toooooool…..he is not toast! She is no one to ask if Trump should stay in office.

  • jensensah

    Who do these liberal think they are, the AMERICAN PEOPLE WILL DECIDED NOT THE LIBERAL TOOOOOOOLS! She is an absolute idiot!!! TRUMP 2016!!!

  • ricketts711

    There will be no fall out. Only people that are really upset are Trump’s competition. Us average citizens are thrilled with his ‘take no prisoners’ debate skills. Pun intended.

  • Hannah

    Jemu loves to talk over everyone. It’s really not helpful at all.

  • johnnynoirman

    Thanx FOX NEWS
    That was another perfectly useless segment.
    Why you let BIG MAMA JAMA (Jehmu Greene)
    bully her fat ass through this entire segment?
    Deneen Borellihas to much class to debate this

    stupid windbag!!

  • Fred Shatzoff

    Jemu let the otherperson speak so rude