Does Sarah Palin Have a Place in Trump’s White House? – Jedediah Bila – The View

Published On December 1, 2016 » 2684 Views» Donald Trump, Jedediah Bila, Liberal Bias, Media Patriots, Religion of Leftism, War on Trump

The view weighs  in on the pros and cons of Sarah Palin being placed in charge of Veterans Affairs.

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  • HiOnLiberalTears

    You idiot Liberals keep laughing at what Conservatives do to turn this disaster around. Just like on election night there are going to be a whole lot of you eating crow.

  • Eddie Tbone Taylor

    Keep your stupid liberal inuindos and left handed comments coming, we all see it and those kind of comments will be your downfall. You are doing the “least amount of damage” to your worthless careers. America has spoken, we hate your hate speech coming out of the sides of your mouths! You loose again!