Did American Muslims Cheer on September 11th? – Hugh Hewitt

Trump’s comments on American Muslims celebrating on 9/11 and on terror attacks is analyzed by Hugh Hewitt

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  • MY TAKE: The comments from Trump and now Ben Carson were in reference to the videos they saw, which I believe are the same exact ones we ALL saw broadcast within hours after the Twin Towers fell is what was falling under media scrutiny. In the video clip posted above, I found it somewhat interesting how when Conservative talk show host Hugh Hewitt mentioned Hillary Clinton’s history of foggy memory of certain events her life, the media rarely attacks her as they do GOP candidates. Don Lemon who has been rather fair and balanced as of late (which on CNN in itself is a rare anomaly) challenged Hewitt on his assertion but relented when Hewitt didn’t back down on the validity of the comparison.
    The glaring difference here is that when it comes to any GOP candidate or anyone on the right, the media takes on the ‘gotcha’ approach (by default), while for similar issues that involve those on the left, specifically Hillary, it’s always, ALWAYS chalked up as ‘just one of those things, no biggie, let’s move along”. In defense of Lemon he afforded Hewitt something Hannity RARELY offers pundits on the opposite side, the time and ability to express their position.

    • Ricard

      Quite accurate, I think. For example, Hannity is a very likable guy, but hard to listen to because of the nature of the guests he books and how he manages the flow on his show. That he genuinely loves his political nemesis Bob Beckle is unquestioned. CNN’s ‘balance credibility’ has had a flow back and forth and Hugh’s point goes more to the major networks and MSNBC, and I somewhat think that Hugh should have emphasized speaking more that vein rather than make it sound like a focus on CNN. That being said, the moderator didn’t exactly help by jumping to the defense of Hillary or taking Hugh’s media observations a bit too personal.

      • For what it’s worth:
        Sean Hannity is both a devoted patriot and strong hard-line conservative, and from what I’ve heard, a genuine down to earth nice guy and devoted friend to those who know him best, his biggest weakness is in conducting interviews or hosting one-on-one debates. His pre-segment set-up is flawless, enabling the viewer to get caught up to date with the forthcoming issue about to be discussed.
        The introduction of guests and tossing out a relevant question to get the ball rolling is fine.
        Sean’s biggest problem is what happens next: he tends to jump in, almost in mid-sentence (from time to time) to interject his own opinion. We the viewer are already quite aware of his position on the topic so in essence he’s basically doubling down on his own segment opening. This is where he loses a great deal of his viewers on either side of the political fence.