Deneen Borelli: “Where the Bleep is President Obama?” on calling out ‘Black Lives Matter’ Movement

Black Lives Matter Protesters Cause Controversy with Anti-Police Chant

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  • Connie Alsip

    How in the DEVIL can that man say it’s an aberation?? #BlackLiesMatter

    • K J Van Kirk

      Because he himself is a racist and believes that killing cops is the solution to the sub-par standard in which black lives live. They are the black elite and none of what they espouse will effect their lives in the least. They make money off the backs of the poor blacks and have been since the great society movement by LBJ.

      • Connie Alsip

        Not to mention George Soros, the liberal asswipe who funds the movement. I say #BlackLIESmatter

    • It was almost surreal listening to that response from him, wasn’t it?
      I kept waiting for him to correct himself.
      If you want to see REAL racist hatred, click to the previous clip of Marc Lamont Hill defending BLM, your head will explode. *sigh

      • Connie Alsip

        I’ll just get mad all over again. Oh, wait! I haven’t NOT been mad since racist blacks, including Obozo, started thinking they are the master race. Sad, sad commentary on our times, and on the PC liberal idiots who engender their progress. Disgusting!

  • Connie Alsip

    Screw that man. He is an apologist, racist idiot who refuses to listen to anyone elses POV. Of course, he is an Obozo supporter. Of course, he wants death and destruction in our communities! The so-called JUSTICE is on the side of the murdered police officers. The cops are trying their damndest to serve and protect. Now violent black thugs have put targets on their backs. I believe a change in the law is required. Anyone who shoots at, kills, or harms a cop in any way is automatically hanged by the neck in front of the Justice departments front door. Enough with the black BS. Grow up, get jobs, and stop acting like assholes.

  • GrayPlayer

    Typical Fox broadcast, “one sided, one race, one voice!”

  • Paul Revered

    Obama is only following his hero saul alinsky who said,


    Translation, we will make war on you regardless of your 150 plus ongoing years of struggle evidenced by hundreds of thousands of dead in civil war graves to right wrongs.

    There can be no peace with an enemy of this sort, engage or die!

  • howiem

    Smilke gets paid a lot of money for appearing on Fox and being a contrarian. What no one is saying is that the BLM movement is part of collective indoctrination, dividing blacks from the rest of America, and not just from whites. Until they start realizing that they are individuals they will continue to act as ants defending the queen ant. Maybe someday they will wake up and say something sensible like “Each Life Matters”, and then they will put some value on their own lives.

  • izzycafe

    Black people aren’t being killed at a higher rate than white people by police that is false. Black people are killed more by black people, and when the police aren’t in the high risk neighborhoods crime in fact goes up.

  • catherine

    Bullshit, put your crack pipe down and pull your ass up and stop enabling Gansta’s your dumb ass Dr Cornell!

  • whendoesitstop

    Black Lives Matter movement BLAMES whites for their issues. Cancer treatment supporters aren’t blaming supporters of treating other diseases of CAUSING cancer.

  • Doug

    What do they think if the whites decide to take arms and their is a civil against white….what possibly could that do to make things better. Alot of kiling..broken lives,death.destruction. This guy is not really in touch with what goes on. He’s talking…but there has been injustice on both sides… If it doesn’t stop things will get worse..and Obama does nothing…

  • 1catfish

    This bastard is just another example of Affirmative Action. Dumber than guano.

  • Quico Reed

    that guy is full of crap. Don’t tell me “all lives matter” is fine to say. When Democrat presidential candidate Martin O’Malley said “all lives matter” to the Black Lives Matter people he was booed and felt he had to apologize. Don’t tell me BLM folks are all peaceful, we see what is happening in Ferguson, burning down stores firing guns etc. We have heard the speeches by Farrakhan calling for volunteers to murder whites, and we’ve heard the BLM people chanting to burn it down or kill cops, and now we are seeing cops and other innocent whites being murdered. FACT is that BLACKS have been killing far more whites than vice versa. FACT is cops kill WHITES twice as often as they kill blacks. FACT is that Trayvon and Mike Brown were idiots who acted like thugs and got killed. Just like the thug idiot who got killed in ST Louis last week, triggering new idiot to riot. And yet when a happy black man with a gun murdered a little girl on the same day in St Louis I don’t see any BLM people marching or caring.

  • Charlotte Whitaker

    Why don’t we start a movement with Blacks and white together all lives matter.

  • Rockhound6165

    However, if one person committed a hate crime or shot a black person and then claimed to be a Tea Partier you can bet your bottom dollar that this man would be proclaiming that this one person is indicative of the entire Tea Party movement. I’m disappointed that Hemmer or Dineen didn’t not only throw this fry like bacon comment at this guy but also for the BLM movement to kill white and cops on 9/11. They may not be indicative of the entire movement but a large representation of that movement is advocating the wanton murder of whites and cops and no one is speaking out about it from the so called black leadership.

  • tattooedone1

    Fucking nigger Obama started ALL of this shit….

  • rhh33672

    He is too coward to even look into the camera and to their face to tell his lie.

    Screw the American blacks that are protesting. Can anyone tell me if the United States is so racist, why do LEGAL immigrants come to this country who don’t even speak English, can educate themselves, get a job or start their own business and become successful? While these “poor” blacks that are born here, can’t even speak proper English, refuse to get educated, doesn’t want to start their own business, but selling drugs, Can’t be successful, they rather collect welfare than work, because the system allows them to cheat and steal.

    Even AFRICANS can come here and be more successful

  • Ben the Extremist

    Columbia University Frankfurt School of Marxists

  • Lynda Stelter Martin

    Where is Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson? They must have approved of the murder of the police officer in Texas, haven’t heard a word from them.

  • manchester1953

    The world is going to hell in a hand basket and where is Obama? Renaming mountains – that can’t fight back.

  • whoisjohngalt58

    #copsLivesMatter #ALLLivesMatter

    Black Lives Matter is a racist hate group and should be called that.

  • Ray Black

    Texas rangers are gonna start shooting people in groups.

  • melsbabysis

    Black Lives Matter is a bunch of paid protestors by George Soros.

  • Marion

    While there are innocent blacks harassed by cops, the large numbers of blacks incarcerated are there because they did the crime! The old saying, “If you don’t want to do the time, don’t do the crime!” applies today. Most of the big city black deaths are caused by their own people! Where are the black leaders? And, I don’t mean Sharpton, Jackson, etc. (in fact, where is Jesse Jackson lately?)!