Dems Pushing for Inquiry on Trump Transition Team Selections – Brunell Donald-Kyei

Published On November 25, 2016 » 11390 Views» Racism, Recent Post, Religion of Leftism, War on Trump

Dems are pushing GAO to Investigate Trump Transition Team

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  • Kathy McKinny

    HAHAHA, I almost spit on my screen when that liberal dude said “we CARE about the constitution, we CARE about the rule of law” HAHAHAHAHAHA SINCE WHEN?????? Obama BROKE SO MANY LAWS as prez its a LAUGHABLE thing to say.

    • Robert Shaun Piccoli

      lol me too

    • Russel McDonald

      LOL I was laughing too! And he was a terrible interrupter.

  • Leonor Sabag

    “Winners see the gain; losers see the pain.” Trump not only embodies a political victory. It is a social and cultural restoration movement. Like it or not. He won against the Democratic Party, against the Republican Party, against the minority establishment, against the liberal press and the conservative press. Against Wall Street. Against Lady Gaga and Noam Chomsky. Against Anderson Cooper. Against Michael Moore. Against Alicia Machado and against Vicente Fox. And he won very badly.
    “Adversity discourages losers; adversity inspires winners.”

  • enoughstorm

    the democrats have no say to anything NO congress NO senate NO white house, steam roll over them, as far as the press do what the democrats did only talk to those in the media who they want to avoid CNN MSNBC and all the liberal left news media and reporters its republican foot ball republican rules.

  • Janice O’Neil Field

    A bunch of sore losers running their mouths!!!!

  • whiteshadow

    These lib ass nuggets think they have a say in who trump appoints before conformation if its needed. otherwise, your party lost, remember that..

  • diane

    This man is ignorant.