Democrats in Denial of Trump Election Victory – Guy Benson

Published On November 23, 2016 » 3457 Views» Election 2016, Featured Patriots, Guy Benson, Recent Post, Religion of Leftism, War on Trump

Running out of excuses, the Mainstream Media now tries to blame fake news stories for President-Elect Donald Trump’s victory

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  • Leonor Sabag

    “Winners see the gain; losers see the pain.”

    Trump not only embodies a political victory. It is a social and cultural restoration movement. Like it or not. He won against the Democratic Party, against the Republican Party, against the minority establishment, against the liberal press and the conservative press. Against Wall Street. Against Lady Gaga and Noam Chomsky. Against Anderson Cooper. Against Michael Moore. Against Alicia Machado and against Vicente Fox. And he won very badly.

    Aspirin can help prevent heart attacks, so take one …every day.

  • jake hoek

    Trump was chosen for his common sense approach, which appealed to the majority of common sense voters, an ability entirely lacking in most politicians and ALL left wing voters, who refuse to believe the fact ” they are REJECTED!”

  • andrew domenitz

    That Democrats defend every crackpot idiot idea has nothing to do with it.