David Webb : “Tell me the law, Loretta Lynch, that has been rolled back that affects your rights?”

“Barack Obama’s  Lackey”, Loretta Lynch blames the rise of violence at Anti-Trump protests upon rights being trampled

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  • logicalvoice

    The only right trampling I’ve seen is being done by liberals to conservatives.

    • RightSightings

      In case you haven’t noticed, it’s the anti-Trump protesters who are wearing the masks over their faces, hmmmm, I wonder why?

      • logicalvoice

        I’d hide my face too if I was that stupid.

  • Gerald B. Maurer

    Mr. West is right on.

  • sebyandrew

    She always has that “cow in the headlights” look about her.

  • CazUTee

    This is such a lame right wing conspiracy. Same tired bullshit signature the right has used from the beginning. Trying to flood the patriots will more reasons to distract and hate liberals while the Russians have their cocks in Trump flabby eager ass. What a sleazy game of politics the Trumpers play. Who started the keep them corrupt propaganda campaign? They’re so good at turning this 20 watt dim wits on and stirring outrage. In the end you have nothing to show for it, but Tubby Trump The Tweet Monster. Is that how you win?. For fucks sakes. You will not hear anymore about the arrest and the profiles of the alleged liberal terrorist. No interviews. No criminal records. It’s bullshit. Same signature series of right wing bullshit.

    • John McComas

      Well you managed to show your colors pretty quickly. Typical liberal approach to obfuscate and divert. You fail to address the topic at hand I.e. what rights have been violated? I can certainly list a plethora of them under Obama, Lynch & Holder. Your lack of logic and facts is only surpassed by your arrogance.

    • RightSightings

      Right Wing Conspiracy? LMAO Try answering the question, c’mon… you can do it, please define for all of us a specific law or right that’s affected you personally in a negative capacity since Trump came to office?

    • Carole Quattro Levine
  • pdullea

    The DNC own all the thug mob racist street violence..their Funding And Finger Prints Are All Over It.