David Webb: “Socialism and Bernie Sanders are a farce”

Published On September 15, 2015 » 2903 Views» David Webb, Economy, Education, Election 2016, Featured Patriots, Recent Post

Bernie Sanders’ Socialist Platform Would Cost Taxpayers $18 Trillion

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  • Lee A Maust Sr

    As usual, David relies on historical evidence and facts to win his point.

    From chapter 6 – “The Progressives” – “Franklin D. Roosevelt #32 –

    The overall effect of all these government programs was that nearly a decade after the rest of the industrial world had recovered from the world-wide depression, the U.S. had fallen into the Great Depression. In the end, the combination of excessive government control of finance, industry and farming, coupled with punitive taxation at a maximum of 94%, forced inflation and millions of low paying, make-work government jobs, simply did not work. With all the capital drained from the private sector, there was no possibility that the over 15% unemployment was about to decrease.

    (As can be seen today in Greece, Spain and Portugal, Socialism seems to stand for bankruptcy, poverty and mass protests.)

    Lee A. Maust Sr. (2011-12-20). THE GOVERNMENT PARASITE: A TONGUE-IN-CHEEK BOOMER’S EYED VIEW OF HISTORY (Kindle Locations 2345-2351). Xlibris. Kindle Edition.