David Webb Responds to Ferguson Protester Who Says Shooting Was Police Setup With KKK

Published On March 12, 2015 » 15984 Views» 1st Amendment, David Webb, Featured Patriots, Liberal Bias, Racism, Recent Post, War on Cops

Can’t make this up: FNC’s Steve Harrigan interviews a  city manager from North St. Louis County named John Mohammad who claims the recent police shooting was an inside job in conjunction with the Ferguson Police and possibly the KKK

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  • Laura Poye

    only a dirty bomb would clean up this problem

  • The_Questman

    Ferguson happened because a Black Man high on Pot robbed a store. That same Black Man attacked an on duty cop & tried to take his weapon. After the copy had to defend himself… BLACK witnesses lied about the hands up don’t shoot, lied about being shot in the back and lied about the cop going up and shooting the black man execution style.

    Now that the FACTS have come out these black anarchists just simply don’t believe it and refuse to accept the facts including some of the lying witnesses who admitted they lied.

    This is not a White Problem this is a problem with the low moral standards in this and other black communities.

    • l.JOHNSON

      Law or the truth??? You need to ask your ancestors and the current rulers about regards for the law and truth, they have no regards for the law or truth since the inception of this place we call AmeriKKKa. They have robbed, raped, murdered and destroyed this country and others for thousands of years to present. So watch your mouth when you talk about people of color who built this friggin nation!!!!!!!! Who are the real criminals? Sagging pants or Armani suit wearing elites???? Who control the media, airwaves, every form of communication….the real criminals, thugs!!!!!! Talk about that….CROMAGNON!!!!

      • Erich

        I’d say pretty much your black racist

        • l.JOHNSON

          Say what you want to, I don’t have enough power or control to be a racist……

          • l.JOHNSON

            When we speak truth and the truth hurts, we are always perceived as racists, typical cromagnon reply.

    • Natedogg265

      Only a complete idiot thinks pot makes you wild.

  • Taxpayordie

    That City Manager is an ignorant, arrogant whore. If tne local municipality had any brains, they would put that pos back on food stamps….or better yet, back in chains.
    You can’t fix stupid people like him, that is why racism exists.

    • Jill

      Chains? Really??

  • Guest

    Great interview with David Webb . Unbelievable that this poor excuse of a twit John Mohammad , is alowed to manager anything let alone a city

  • Bonione

    500 residents are a city now? hmmmmm

  • Mark Flaming

    Evacuate any good folks left there. Ring the place in a high voltage fence and cut off water and food deliveries.
    After 3 days they’ll run out of food in their homes and clean out the stores. After a week they won’t be so frisky. After a month they’ll very accommodating. And hungry.

  • SMHAmzd

    Oh GOOD GRIEF………..

  • merrychicago

    How dare those two policemen get themselves shot in the shoulder and the face to try and take the focus off of the real victims!! And to enlist the KKK and the Police Fraternity to do it is just brazen and criminal…….they should be ashamed of themselves! Ashamed!!

    • merrychicago

      That was way too much fun to write!

  • H. Zayre

    What, now we have shape-shifting KKK members who make blacks look bad like the Arabs claim Jews so to them? LOL!

  • Tarantula2
  • Htimez2

    The problem is cops, not white cops but all cops and they are not only abusing blacks but whites as well. When these protesters try to make it a race issue it it excludes people that would be willing to help them and it hurts their cause. Maybe these two cops deserved what they got maybe they didnt, but trying to make this a racial issue is not only ignorant but it hurts their cause doesn’t help. Liberals and conservatives alike agree that cops are way over militarized and their attitude of “us (cops) against them (citizens) is part of the reason the majority of cops today are nothing more then paid power hungry bullies with military training since many are veterans, I appreciate the good cops but unfortunately they are by far the minority now. Lets not forget being a cop is one of the SAFEST jobs in America and they were formed to arrest people AFTER they had committed a crime, not to prevent crime, until they get back to doing what they were formed for and not what they want to do this will continually be an issue and innocent people will be killed by cops daily. http://fee.org/freeman/detail/just-dial-911-the-myth-of-police-protection


    When You want to talk about real criminals and criminal minds, these are the people you should fear……

  • Erich

    I was going to say he was most likely the Black Panthers from St. Louis that shot the cops