Culture of Victimization Exposed by Michelle Malkin

Michelle Malkin joins Megyn Kelly to discuss Race Victimization tactics of the left’s  Vinita Gupta and Michelle Obama, as well as her New Book ‘Who Built That’

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  • bonesaw69

    Not only is Michelle smoking Hot..she is smoking smart

    • Slugo

      that’s a basic trait of a conservative female besides being able to think for themselves.

      It’s also one reason liberal women are hate mongers… the missing the attractive gene was replaced with the lunatic gene

  • Clarence Moore

    Spot on!!!The grievance hustlers that feed off racism are in fact the ones perpetuating now. They have essentially taking it out of the hands of the “White man” and molded it into something that has it’s own life!! Now the Grievance Industry is churning out crazy ideas like white privilege, institutionalized racism, and fostered the victim mindset!!! Now they have an industry that feeds off of every little crisis that can be turned to re-enforce their narrative!! The Black community is never going to move forward with this monster on it’s back!! The Black people are the only people that can fix the Black community and get these parasites like Jesse Jackson and AL Sharpton off their back!! The time of blaming Whitey has long since passed!!

  • Igor Tot

    I love both of these beautiful and smart ladies. Greetings form Serbia.

  • WhiteEagleCross

    Republican women are awesome. Thank you Lord

    Even so, come, Lord Jesus. Amen

    • Slugo

      A good reason to be conservative, considering the best the left can do is Hillary & Rosie

  • Stevo Schmoll

    I fought many a crab & they pull down the crab that almost gets out of the bucket! DBL “M” is again correct on her analysis of the Race Rage industry keeping a whole population down on purpose then using their discontent against the unsuspecting greater populous at large.

  • Engine20

    If the Cops went on a nationwide strike for one day all of the protestors would get on their knees and beg them to return to work

  • Charlton Jones

    “If we open a quarrel between past and present, we shall find that we have lost the future.” Winston Churchill