Crystal Wright SCHOOLS Julie Roginsky on Left Assumption of Black Support For Obama

Published On July 12, 2016 » 3390 Views» 1st Amendment, Deneen Borelli, Featured Patriots, Liberal Bias, Racism, Recent Post, War on Cops

“There’s fact and there’s a lot of fiction, blacks are the ones committing disproportionate amount of homicides because they’re coming from broken families” says Crystal Wright as she explains to Julie Roginsky,  that just because she’s black, she’s not sticking up for the Barack Obama

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  • Asillem4

    Sad when speaking the truth *Crystal* is seen as trying to get more twitter followers *as that that chick on the right said*.
    Typical liberal reply to criticism though; deflect. Never accept that you may be wrong. Accuse the other of some outlandish thing. Anything. Just get the spotlight off your own ignorance. Well done, LIBERAL.