“The President Doesn’t Love America” – Rudy Giuliani – Kelly File

Published On February 19, 2015 » 3422 Views» 1st Amendment, Featured Video, Liberal Bias, Recent Post

EPIC: Rudy Giuliani Firmly Defends his “I do not believe that the President loves America” comment about Obama to Megyn Kelly on The Kelly File

  • Annie Sezso

    Now would be an appropriate time for Ms. Kelly to get off her ass and critique/summarize Obama’s statements and speeches instead of feigning shock and awe like a little pc sheeple. The truth is out there in print and film clips and it’s blatant. It’s about time someone steps up with the truth. Obama is unfit for the office of President.

    • Kelly played devils advocate during this segment. With the left in a complete uproar over his comments, Fox played this perfectly. They wanted to have someone play the opposing view and challenge him throughout the interview so the left couldn’t come back afterwards saying he was preaching to the choir. Make sense? I’ve uploaded over 5K video clips since 2010 and I have a pretty good idea how Fox plays segments like this. 😉

      • Annie Sezso

        I disagree. I prefer the truth without the pc/ratings games. This was simply Fox keeping their hands clean while avoiding showing support of something easily verifiable.

        • This has NOTHING to do with Political Correctness, it’s about letting the viewer hear both sides of the story and arriving at their own conclusion. Keeping their hands clean? You honestly think that Giuliani would have been given the chance of going on any another network and been allowed to say these comments, let alone defend them? You might want to re-think your position on this one.

          • Annie Sezso

            Of course it does and, no, I don’t need to rethink my position. You seem to suggest Fox doesn’t choose sides on the issues, which is preposterous. Perhaps you should take your own advice. Wherever else Giuliani takes his interview is irrelevant. This is about the Fox interview. It’s controversial so of course Fox gives an interview, but keeps itself above the fray. Non-committal, politically correct, just the facts, hands clean. The trouble is Obama’s own words and actions bury him if anyone cares to look. Way too obvious to waste time in this meaningless back and forth.

            • You sound EXACTLY like a leftist troll that’s making this segment more about Megyn Kelly and Fox than what Rudy Giuliani said. Not certain what interview you watched, but he basically owned her throughout, so I’m not sure exactly what your problem is.