Comey Accused of Meddling in Election – Jedediah Bila – The View

Published On November 1, 2016 » 15978 Views» Election 2016, Jedediah Bila, Liberal Bias, Media Patriots, Recent Post

Donald Trump worked for himself, Hillary Clinton worked for US” says Jedediah Bila in a spirited exchange with the panel on ‘The View’ explaining the differences between Trump’s offenses and Hillary Clinton’s.

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  • lilyred

    Not listening to these Hillbots. They ‘admire’ Comey until he eyes the queen. Damn right, SHE was working for US.

  • Philip Rusch

    ” working for US”. — Does she mean US the Clinton “machine” ? I still ask Who sold Russia US’s Plutonium ? Why would US sell this to our “Friendly Enemy”. I remember Russia was with US against Bashar Hafez al-Assad before Russia was with Bashar Hafez al-Assad bombing the Syrian rebels fighting al-Assad.who by the way US was supporting.
    Clinton paints Trump the business man as a bad bad person. As Obama painted Romney. Businessmen use ALL the tools/laws at their disposal to grow the country. Private money, invested money, borrowed money.
    What has Hillary done to “grow the country” ?

  • Dean Former lee

    I actually got more than 4 minutes into this, my first viewing of Jedadiah’s new gig since gassing fox. I really can’t take whoopi or joy talk at all. Not at all.

  • David Loeffler

    Apparently he had a hard time seeing his desk from the piles of senior agents resigning in disgust at Comey’s not recommending prosecution.

  • Check out the brilliant response from this leftist regarding this video segment.

  • Wax

    Timing…what are we suppose to take a break while crimes are being committed…what a bunch of idiots. Comey didn’t do anything wrong but Clinton did everything wrong you idiots.

  • Wax

    Whoopi it’s not another server stupid…they are copies of the correspondence between Huma and Hillary…and Huma lied because she said she turned over all of her devices that she used as part of the clinton team…you dope.

  • Laura Whetstine

    Are these women idiots? There is not precedent because no other person in history has had 1 let alone 3 open investigations against them while running for president! We the American people have a right to know that Hillary and Huma lied and hid emails and other electronic devices! Was he suppose to secretly do an investigation, and let the American people elected Hillary without any of this information?? NO!!
    I’m absolutely positive Joy, Whoopie and the lady in white would be singing a totally different tune if the investigation was about something Trump or George Bush had done. They would be applauding Comey and we all know it!