Cincinnati Campus Cop Charged with Murder – David Webb

Published On July 30, 2015 » 5867 Views» David Webb, Featured Patriots, New Face Of Conservatism, Racism, Recent Post

Debating  the actions of former University of Cincinnati Police Officer Ray Tensing in the shooting death of Samuel DuBose

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  • jmmoson74

    I question if this guy is a real cop or is he a security officer for the college. Are security guards trained like a real Police officer.

  • Mark Espin

    I’m all for black lives matter and in NO WAY condoning this murder by this monster idiot but for one I wish I could see a video where we comply with officers and respect authority. I’m a person of color and have never had issues with the police. I live in Southern Calif so maybe that’s a factor but i’m sure if I lived in the south or texas things would be worse.

    I comply, I do what they say, you want me to put out my cigarette, fine it’s done I’m not going to sit there and argue and play the I know my rights game. You want to see my license, fine here it is, my car is already shut off, here is my registration and insurance, I mean why the fck do you want to argue fight and cause problems with someone who has a fcking gun. That’s some stypid shit. I mean for what? And who cares if some whites or other races do it, I don’t like with that mentality that just because whites are judged a certain way I can do the same stupid shyt they do and not get in trouble,

    NO, I wasn’t raised like that, I was raised to do better, to act better to NOT talk back to teachers or disrespect cops. I mean if we live in a society were we do that we’re already doomed and I guess these cops are tired of the disrespect so they are killing us now in cold blood. What this officer did was heinous and I hope he gets life but again I wish for once I see a video that shows we are actually complying and if the cop still murders then it’s worse. I grew up in the days watching movies where the cop says stop or ill shoot, they will shoot if you run away, not in some of these cases though, they had no business doing that. but yes the world is seeing how we are being murdered in cold blood but the world is also seeing how we are disrespectful and argumentative towards authority and that’s not right.

    • 20670

      You are right. Simply showing respect for the police would probably end all of the shootings by police. By the way it is not just people of color who are getting killed by the police. The white student at the University of South Alabama who was running around naked at night was shot and killed by a campus black police officer. Why? He didn’t have a weapon, he was naked.
      The homeless white guy in New Mexico was shot and killed by officers. Why? He simply turned his back to the officers.
      The white teenager killed by a black police officer in Utah. Why? He reached toward his waist.

      • steve

        It’s a fucking felony to run away from the cops. This guy will get about ten years for being dumb. When you pull gun you better be ready to make a big decision.

      • steve

        If cops just outright shoot someone for no reason and someone doesn’t do a driveby on them, then thin gs are going to get real bad ins a couple months. If I was a cop I would quit right now, but most of them can’t do shit but be a cop.

  • Once again, resisting arrest is a recipe for disaster. How many times does this have to happen before folks figure it out?