Cheri Jacobus on Donald Trump: “He comes off like a 3rd grader faking his way through an oral report on current affairs”

“The fact that Donald Trump has made this about him and the press rather than about the voters I think is despicable” says Cheri Jacobus in response to Trump’s debate ditch in Iowa

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  • Is it true? Is it accurate?

    t’s easy not to see the real picture because the media is adept at hiding it. Tonight’s debate is about showing the world that the government and the media are still in charge and if they can’t buy someone then they will break them. No matter what we think of Trump personally; ISIS, Iran, N. Korea ……. are all very aware of what is going on and who will play the game. South America and the cartels will not have someone who is going to build a wall. The coyotes raping and selling the illegals aren’t going to allow it and neither are those getting rich off of their cheap labor. The phenomenal fortunes made by the ultra rich from the disease of drugs flowing like a river across our borders will go to any lengths to stop any interference. They want another weakling. Trump; at least at this time, is showing that he can’t be controlled. He is a major threat to both parties and every back room handshake in Washington. This is the last thing they want and they will do absolutely anything and everything to break him. It has never been my intent to vote for him but I will not stand quietly by and watch this. Do I think he’s the last great hope for America? No. WE are the last great hope for America and we must defend anyone who stands against the corruption of the government and the media. I don’t know about his future; but tonight we need to stand up for America and boycott this sham debate hosted by a station owned by one of the biggest pro-amnesty supporters in America.

    • Cliff_Skridlow