Chattanooga Shooting Reignites Debate over “Gun-Free Zones” – Mary Katharine Ham

HEATED DEBATE: Mary Katharine Ham and Juan Williams lock horns in this one over  the lack of validity of ‘Gun-Free Zones’, hosted by Martha MacCallum

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  • Lawrence

    If he’s “baffled” by these guys wanting to ban gun free (victim disarmament) zones at recruiting and training centers I would spin his world by suggesting ALL VICTIM DISARMAMENT ZONES BE BANNED! Juan Williams is a moron.

  • Thunderwulf33 .

    Juan, you say everyone at the strip mall, the burger stand, and all of those communities are completely safe without guns. You are 100% incorrect. It still makes them defenseless. I’m sorry Juan Williams, you do not know what every single human on this entire planet carries around with them guns or not. I’m sorry but you are not a psychic and cannot disagree with my statement. Question, does anyone know what every single human carries around with them regardless if a security officer checks them or not? No you do not. If you remove EVERY SINGLE gun from EVERYONE including government agents, you STILL have to deal with weapon smuggling across the boarders and the risk of security officers getting killed. There ARE countries over seas who DO carry weapons and can come over here to shoot people whether you agree to it or not.

  • Jack Maddle

    If Juan Williams is as stupid as he presents himself he needs to be medicated or put in an institution for his own safety…

  • Roger

    Good grief! Juan just baffled me with his BS! How can anyone be THAT stupid?

  • Jim Turner

    I keep wondering why Juan Williams opinion is even noteworthy. I guess maybe to just have a token lib to get the usual opinion we already know libs will have, and bounce common sense off him to show how really asinine that opinion is. Answered my own question.