Carly Fiorina vs. Planned Parenthood – Lisa Boothe

SPARKS FLY:  In this highly spirited debate between Lisa Boothe and Nomiki Konst over the attacks GOP Candidate Carly Fiorina has received over her Planned Parenthood comments during the GOP Debate
Hosted by Shannon Bream

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  • Bob Tepedino

    PP exists to provide health care services to women who can’t afford those services elsewhere, huh? What about Obamacare? Isn’t that the federal law that forces every citizen to have health care coverage? Why is it that the louder and more shrill the left’s arguments always eventually become, the more transparently false and unsupportable they become? Ultimately, the left’s reasoning is forced to concede “We want this thing. Don’t ask us to explain why; we just want it and we’re going to force you to not only continue allowing it, but to pay for it.”