Carly Fiorina on Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and the Economy

Carly Fiorina weighs in with her take on Donald Trump’s post debate comments and how she will handle Hillary Clinton

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  • Sharon Thorpe

    love her!

  • SixdoublefiveThreetwoone

    Carly! Carly! Carly!

  • Tom

    I got some news for you Carley. President Lincoln went bankrupt more than once. And you are no Lincoln.

    • Tom

      I also believe Carley Fiorina doesn’t have to be a Lincoln. She is great as herself.

      • Fanfaron2011

        Just learn to spell her name correctly, Thom. HA

        • Tom

          Sorry, gotcha Fannie.

    • I got some news for you, Tom.
      Neither is Donald Trump.

      • Tom

        I agree. Where did I say he was? I just pointed out the hypocrisy of Chris and his stupid statement to Trump of being able to run a country because of a bk in business. Gotcha questions are not fair. Anyone who has run a business understands that.

        • It wasn’t a gotcha question, it was an uncomfortable question, which are usually expected during political debates because people like to see how candidates react under pressure. You prefer softball questions? Then I suggest you watch CNN when they ask Hillary about the color of her hair.

          • Tom

            How is it not a try to show up Trump? Lincoln was one of the greatest Presidents in history also went bankrupt more than once.

        • Carole Quattro Levine

          This crybaby mantra of “it’s not fair” by Trump groupies is embarrassing. Would you feel better if reporters let the Donald know in advance what the questions were so he wouldn’t be offended?

          Face it, buddy. You love the guy because he’s a wealthy boorish loudmouth. And a celebrity. Probably more the latter. If that’s the criteria you choose for the leader of the free world, than maybe you should give Kanye West a call. Betcha’ he wouldn’t like to be challenged by the press either.

          • Tom

            Carole Levine: You know absolutely nothing about me. I prefer at least 4 others before Trump. However, he doesn’t deserve loaded questions to disparage him. I am not your buddy by the way and never would be with such a shallow minded person

            • There was NOTHING ‘Loaded’ about those questions. It’s a political debate, and the moderators were within their rights to ask questions that are based upon public information. You claim you prefer at least 4 others before Trump, yet he’s the only one you’re talking about. So go ahead, bring up Abraham Lincoln again like it has any relevance to this story.

              • Tom

                If you can’t see the relevance, then we have nothing to discuss.

                • Carole Quattro Levine

                  “Loaded questions.” “Stupid.” “You’re NOT my buddy.” “Not FAIR.”

                  Notice a trend? I have a suggestion for you. Take your binky and go home. BUDDY. (Since the term escaped you previously, this is SARCASM.)

                • There IS NO relevance whatsoever and you’re correct about one thing, there’s nothing to discuss. Please come back when you have a point to make that’s relevant to the topic.

                  In the meantime, I would strongly suggest you cool-it with the name calling for those who don’t see eye-to-eye with your position.

                  • Carole Quattro Levine

                    Interesting, isn’t it, how bullies run away when challenged? Seems our faceless “Tom” is much better at flinging insults than accepting responsibility for his loutish behavior.

  • HardHeadedWoman

    Don’t trust Fox News polls AT ALL. They just call Roger Ailes Establishment Republican pals to see what they think. Stop watching this disgrace of a News channel long ago.

    • rich

      Well then run along and do like you’re told…

      • Fanfaron2011

        Or go back into her HardHeadedWoman’s rat hole.

    • Walker Texas Stranger

      Which comedian do you get your news from?

    • Tom

      How does it feel to understand your opinion is so far in the minority?

  • mrtmd1

    Sharpest tool in the shed…She gets my vote and my money.

  • Fanfaron2011

    Hillary will do ANYTHING (including another “Scooby Van” trip) to avoid a debate with Carly!

  • Alfonso Ponce-Enrile

    …..Carly Fiorina, smart and bright as you are, be wary of people of “media” most especially Fox News! Now that you’ve scored points and Fox had “some success” bringing down Donald Trump… it, Lady! YOU are the next they will bring down! Finally, their last “non-presidentiable” will be Ben Carson….notice the questions? They want you to bring down Donald Trump and anything you say against Trump will be points against you ultimately. They’re playing a game of attrition to come up with their “candidate(s)”, simple as that!

  • Vikki

    Don’t care what she said about the “tough questions” I am for it, but not when it has nothing to do with the important things going on in our country.