Brad Thor: Donald Trump Fails My “Litmus Test of Liberty”

Published On May 11, 2016 » 6922 Views» Donald Trump, Election 2016, Recent Post, Social Media

Debating the “Never Trump” Movement

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  • Molly

    Guy Brad is just a jerk and an attention whore. No one is going to care about him and his little book.

    • ETXMMM

      awww boo hoo did he hurt your poor little trumpkin feelings? nobody cares.

  • Amici Journal

    NO Trump is the real JERK!!

  • Racebannon24

    I will never ever support Trump! I’m writing in my choice!


    FUCK TRUMP and all these dumbasses that continually make EXCUSE after EXCUSE after pathetic EXCUSE for his behavior. and their blatant disregard for all his flip flopping on the issues is absolutely unacceptable…you people are NO BETTER than obamas and hillaries apologist supporters….wake up! be objective for crying out loud! use your fucking brain!

  • David Carmichiel

    brad thor an arrogant prick pointing out the faults of others

  • David Carmichiel

    and at this point in time spending your time nit picking and criticising trump shows just which side of the fence your truly on