Black Pastors Demand Bust of Planned Parenthood Founder Removed – EW Jackson Sr.

Published On August 17, 2015 » 1929 Views» Racism, Recent Post

Smithsonian Refuses to remove bust of Planned Parenthood Founder, Margaret Sanger

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  • Victor

    If our beloved Bishop E. W. Jackson Sr has his main focus on the bust it is because he has been unconsciously driven to the bust as if that will alleviate his thirst for righteousness.

    This is exactly the cookie that a Kindergarten teacher gives a crying child when the toys are pulled from him by other children in the class.

    The bust is the political cookie that this Presidential Administration has given him for crying. However, this time the cookie jar is EMPTY. So, therefore fight for the real toys and not the square blocks. For God’s sake, please get to the first grade without eating to much political cookies, stop the crying. The teacher doesn’t have any more cookies!

    Raleigh, North Carolina