Bernie Sanders Slammed for his Gun Stance – The View

Published On April 7, 2016 » 2525 Views» 2nd Amendment, Election 2016, Featured Video, Liberal Bias, Recent Post

Jedediah Bila defends the 2nd amendment on ‘The View’

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  • able34bravo

    Oh, Whoopie, demonstrating how little you know about guns, and about the NRA.

  • Ed Aker

    Why doesn’t a show like this bring on someone who knows what they’re talking about? Like someone from the military or police? Or maybe Dana Loesch who wrote a book on the subject. So much misinformation from this show.
    It’s funny to hear Whoopie say she wishes the NRA would “get on board with this stuff.” Out of touch with reality doesn’t even begin to describe this woman.