Bernie Sanders Shifts Dems Way Left – Guy Benson

Published On August 12, 2015 » 1543 Views» Election 2016, Guy Benson, Recent Post

Are the Democrats the new socialist party of America?

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  • Florida Bob

    At least Bernie is addressing issues that are keeping Main Street American’s up at night. All Republicans
    seem to be able to come up with are conspiracy theories. Republicans are against Obama Care, so what would they replace it with?

    Brand Name and Generic Prescription Drug Prices on the Rise

    According to recent research, half of all generic drugs have increased in price between
    August 2013 to August 2014. In addition, one-tenth of these medications have gone up in price by 100 percent or more.

    The medications most likely to have seen price increases are asthma, high blood
    pressure and heart rhythm medications.

    The Republican solution is?

    Not so many years ago, stay at home moms took care of their elderly parents and in laws. Now working children have parents and step parents who increasingly them worth more dead than alive.

    What should we blame?

    Declining real wages, putting stay at home
    moms back in the workforce?

    Abortion, parents having fewer children?

    Loss of pensions and company sponsored
    retirement plans?

    Something else?