Ben Ferguson SCHOOLS Katrina Pierson on Trump’s Using Veterans to Avoid Iowa GOP Debate

Published On January 28, 2016 » 7164 Views» Donald Trump, Election 2016, GOP Candidates, Recent Post, War On Women

EPIC DEBATE: Ben Ferguson vs. Katrina Pierson over Donald Trump’s attempt to use Veterans as a pawn to avoid attending Iowa GOP Debate

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  • VIBC

    Katrina is a loon.

  • stephmcg

    Fox has been giving Trump 24 by 7 coverage and now he is pretending to be offended because he does not wish to be questioned by Cruz on his Democratic record.

    Cruz is the one who gets treated like dirt At FOX,not Trump or Rubio or Bush. Cruz is the real outsider that the establishment is worried about. They know Trump will give them amnesty and cheap labor. So what , he builds a wall like Cruz has always promised since his run for Senate in 2011, it doesn’t mean Trump will stop cheap labor.

  • AZWarrior

    That ignorant twatwaffle needs a bitchslap. The RNC controls the debate. The hosting network controls who moderates. Not some self-important thin-skinned spoiled billionaire. We already have a thin-skinned narcissistic pussy in the White House. We don’t need another one. I was a supporter until this.

    • Iwanna Frizzell

      Trump is not afraid of fox or megan!! He’s getting more media than he would have at the debate!!! He is controlling the media now by not allowing megan and foxto control his campaign!!!!!

  • Ronald Martin

    Trump Spokeswoman: Malcolm X Is ‘My Idol,’ Republicans Are Racist

    • Don’t forget the part how she called out Dr. Ben Carson as being a racist back in November when he was close to Trump in the polls. Real class act.

  • Tracy Pugh
  • Tracy Pugh

    He needs to change his diaper and go back to his Chump Tower and take her with him.

  • Jean Pennie

    She is just as much of an unhinged mess as her crazy boss.

  • Gary Mosier

    He took a page right out of the GIPPER’s HANDBOOK I.E. Reagan did not attend the last IOWA debate either and got a lot of free press. How much money did TRUMP save by not appearing? He already had a face to face with Kelly once why repeat it again?

    She was a moderator not to allow her personal opinion to enter the discussion – -which it did. Not to mention her daughter works of Mr. Rubio as his Head Communications director. Possible problems? I think YES.

  • Josh Isalto

    Draft Doger donald never served in the military and now he wants the military to serve him. Only a complete moron is unable to see this.