Barack Obama doesn’t identify beheaded Egyptians as Christians – David Webb

Imagine the outcry if Christians Beheaded 21 Muslims

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  • Rachel

    He names Christians when it comes to the Crusades (and fails to mention the Crusades were a result of Muslim imperialism). But won’t name Christians when they are VICTIMS…and he won’t name Muslims when they are perpetrators, but he WILL name them if one of them gets a hangnail if he can blame it on anti-Islam. Starting to get the picture here? He’s either a closet Muslim…or a Muslim sympathizer. What he is NOT…is an American patriot…or possibly not even an American. I wish he’d just go to hell and do us all a favor. All he’s done has made America and the rest of the world WORSE. He’s the anti-KingMidas….everything King Barry touches turns to s**t.