Are Sanctuary Cities the Problem In America? – David Webb

Published On July 7, 2015 » 2850 Views» David Webb, Featured Patriots, Immigration, New Face Of Conservatism, Recent Post

David Webb and Leslie Marshall engage in a spirited debate over the impact Sanctuary cities are having upon crime committed by Illegal Immigrants in America

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  • AZWarrior

    I don’t want to say Leslie Marshall is a douchebag, but her favorite drink is Summer’s Eve.

  • Kevyn Sexton

    The wall idea worked for China and Berlin, why wouldn’t it work for us. We already have a guest worker program in force. More people want to come here for welfare than we can accommodate. In San Diego, you can no longer work at welfare unless you speak English and Spanish as of the mid-1980s.

  • sabine

    Oh the deflecting tactic. Getting old and not working that well anymore.

  • David Fournier

    I like Mr. Webb

  • David Fournier

    Marshall you are wrong and Americans are starting to see the big picture