Anti-Trump School Walkout Debated – Stacy Washington

Stacy Washington, Niger Innis, and Neil Cavuto do their best to make it clear to Joe Lestingi that Illegal Immigrants DON’T have a constitutional right to protest

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  • mardabo

    They’re not even old enough to vote. I say suspensions and good ole fashioned butt whoopin’s all way round.

  • Gabe Santiago

    Can I very respectfully ask Mr. Joe Lestingi to shut the fuck up when someone else is trying to get their point across; please; thank you!

  • RightsaidFred2

    Jebuscris – would someone please stuff a sock into that annoying little freaks mouth!! Talking over the others and the host is not a way to voice your opinion and be heard. Typical granola-crunching tree hugger! When you lose your point that you are trying to make – be sure you don’t let anyone else speak as well…