A Quick Lesson in the Value of Political Polls by George Will

Published On August 25, 2015 » 1376 Views» Election 2016, Recent Post

Here’s a little history lesson from George Will for you die-hard Donald Trump supporters to digest

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  • Dr. Heidi Bach

    Stop persecuting Mr Trump who tells it like it is…as a REAL MAN does and must. Carly Fiorina uses the language and style of a REAL WOMAN. Perfect ticket.

  • Lee A Maust Sr

    I couldn’t get this vid to play. ?? To the best of my recollection , Will was harkening back to the Pero debacle of ’92 as a comparison with the current Trump phenomenon. There are some similarities, but even more differences. As a personal observation, even “rigorous” polls can be skewed by wording, methods and the quantity and composition of those polled. You can tell which general direction the wind is blowing, but it’s velocity and destination are suspect.