20% Of Trump Supporters Oppose Freeing Slaves – The View

Published On February 25, 2016 » 5580 Views» Donald Trump, Election 2016, Entertainment, GOP Candidates, Liberal Bias, Racism, Recent Post

The View discusses a poll from the NY Times that indicates Donald Trump supporters oppose freeing of slaves

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  • Javier Serna

    The 20% probably reflects the overall negative feeling toward the Civil War and the everything associated with it. Many believe slavery would have ended without the Federal government forcing the south to stop the practice. How long that would have taken is anyone’s guess. We do know over 600,000 soldiers died in the war. Oddly, the same people who criticize American interference in other countries seem to have no problem with the Union forcing the confederate states to remain.

    • Sam

      Did you watch the whole video? They established that the poll was crafted in a way as to trick people into agreeing with the statement. The poll was probably put together by demoncraps.