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Trust Is Fleeting In America
Only 22% of the presidents statements have been truthful according to Politifact.com - now that in itself is a tragic way to see our President and Commander in Chief who has promised we can keep our healthcare plans, said there weren't IRS scandals - just "boneheaded decisions", no accountability for Behghazi says Jessie Jane Duff to FBN's Charles Payne.
Affirmative Action Fallout Analyzed by David Webb & Niger Innis
Niger Innis and David Webb join FBN's Charles Payne to weigh in with their take on the recent Supreme Court decision to allow states to make the call on Affirmative Action.
Justice Dept. To Overhaul Clemency Process For Certain Drug Offenders
David Webb (Radio Talk Show Host) and Jessica Ehrlich (Former Congressional Candidate) join FNC's Bill Hemmer to weigh in with their take on this controversial issue.

Supreme Court Upholds Michigan Law That Bans Affirmative Action
"It's a 6-2 decision to end discrimination which is what Affirmative Action Is" says Radio Talk Show Host and Fox Contributor David Webb in a recent debate with Emily Tisch Sussman hosted by FNC's Bill Hemmer.

Brit Hume Comments on Obama's Foreign Policy Failures
"It is difficult to look at a map of the world these days and find places where the Obama foreign policy has unmistakably made things better." Says Sr. Political Analyst, Brit Hume in his commentary on 'Special Report'.
Delaying Keystone Is a Major Political Move by Stuart Varney 'My Take'
"It was a defeat for jobs, for unions, and for America." says FBN's Stuart Varney. Tom Steyer pledged $100 Million to the Democratic Party to continue to pursue environmental regulations, and Barack Obama couldn't resist the temptation to delay yet again.
Keystone Pipeline Delayed & Ethanol Is BAD For Environment!
Townhall's Katie Pavlich joins FBN's Stuart Varney to weigh in on the Keystone XL pipeline delay and a recent report now showing that Ethanol is actually worse for the environment than gasoline.
Don Imus BLASTS Harry Reid For 'Domestic Terrorists' Comment
Don Imus weighs in on his take on the over abundance of lying and deceit in the Obama Administration while commending Sean Hannity for calling out Harry Reid for being a "Gutless Bastard" for referring to the Bundy Ranch protesters as 'Domestic Terrorists'.


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