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Mandatory "Smart Gun" Bracelets? "Everything Obama Touches Turns To Crap!"

"Putin is Playing Chess, And We're Playing Marbles"

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Playing The Race Card AGAIN!  Deneen Borelli vs. Bob Beckel - Sean Hannity - 4-14-14
Deneen Borelli vs. Bob Beckel in compelling discussion hosted by FNC's Sean Hannity as the Race Card is played yet again by the liberal left, this time it's Democratic Congressman Steve Israel doing the honors with no MSM repercussions or fallout.
Brandeis VOCY Students: Ayaan Hirsi Ali Will Be Heard!
Brandeis Student, Josh Nass (Founder, Voices of Conservative Youth) joins FNC's Steve Doocy and Eric Bolling on Fox & Friends  with an update on 'VOCY's invite of Islam Critic Ayaan Hirsi Ali to speak on campus.

Race and Politics Debated on  Fox News Sunday Panel  with Chris Wallace
The Fox News Sunday Panel weighs in with a compelling discussion on the Eric Holder's comments earlier this week playing the race card. FNC's Chris Wallace hosts the panel comprised of Brit Hume (Fox News Sr. Political Analyst),  (George Will (Syndicated Columnist), Julie Pace (Associated Press), and Bob Woodward (The Washington Post) .
IRS Scandal Debated  by  Fox News Sunday Panel  with Chris Wallace
The Fox News Sunday Panel weighs in with a compelling discussion on the IRS Scandal and the impact this will have in the upcoming hearings. FNC's Chris Wallace hosts the panel comprised of Brit Hume (Fox News Sr. Political Analyst),  (George Will (Syndicated Columnist), Julie Pace (Associated Press), and Bob Woodward (The Washington Post) .
IRS Scandal Debated on  Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace
The Inspector General Report issued indicates there's strong evidence towards the legitimacy of IRS targeting that's taken place. FNC's Chris Wallace hosts this spirited discussion between  Rep. Sander Levin (D-MI) and Rep Charles Boustany (R-LA) as they explore this issue further.
Bundy Family Cattle Controversy Online Outrage Explained by Todd Starnes
In the aftermath of national controversy triggered by the Governments attempted Bundy ranch cattle rustling, Fox News Radio Host, Todd Starnes joins Fox & Friends to weigh in with his take on the situation.

Should Social Views Cost You Your Job?
Intolerance from the left is front and center in this discussion featuring Emily Miller, and Liz Chadderdon, hosted by FNC's Mike Huckabee.
Revealing Your Roots with Yvette Corporon on Fox & Friends
Yvette Corporon (Author, 'When The Cypress Whispers') joins Fox & Friends to discuss the genesis behind her family history and the compelling story she discovered of how they help to hide a Jewish family from the Nazis during WWII.
Holder's New Target: Gun Tracking Bracelets
Townhall's Katie Pavlich joins Fox and Friends to discuss Attorney General Eric Holder's latest ploy to enforce law abiding gun owners to wear ankle bracelets. Katie also weighs in with her take on Lois Lerner and Elijah Cummings.
Eric Holder Continues To Play 'Blame Game' & 'Race Card'
Attorney General Eric Holder claims racism is behind GOP treatment towards him but Deneen Borelli (Fox News Contributor) thinks otherwise.

Amazon.com Pays Employees $5,000 To Quit
In an effort to maintain a high level of employees who are happy in their jobs, Amazon.com is offering to pay unhappy employees $5,000 to quit. Dr. Gina Loudon and Steve Odland join FBN's Neil Cavuto to weigh in on the pros and cons of this idea.
Islam Critic Controversy at Brandeis University Explained on 'The Five'
Brandeis University rescinds their offer of honorary degree to critic of Islam, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, due to excessive pressure from CAIR, and the students aren't happy with the decision. A compelling conversation ensues over this extremely hot topic of concern.

Brandeis Univ Students Lead Effort To Restore Ali's Honorary Degree
Brandeis University students Josh Nass (Voices of Conservative Youth) and Daniel Mael (Truthrevolt.org) join FNC's Megyn Kelly on 'The Kelly File' as they announce that they're leading the effort to restore Ayann Hirsi Ali's honorary degree that has been denied for her views on Muslims treatment towards women.
OKCupid CEO Caught Donating To Congressman Who Supports 'Traditional Marriage"
Katrina Pierson (Dallas Tea Party Activist) joins FBN's Neil Cavuto to discuss her take on the recent discovery that Sam Yagan (OKCupid CEO) was caught donating to a congressman that supported 'Traditional Marriage'. Are you KIDDING ME!?!?!?!?
Stacey Dash Speaks Up On Having Conservative Views in Hollywood
"People have their opinion, and they're entitled to that; what I did not expect was the whole race thing" says actress Stacey Dash in a compelling conversation with FNC's Martha MacCallum on America's Newsroom on Fox News.

Brandeis Univ Pulling Honor For Women's Advocate - 'The Kelly File'
In a compelling segment, FNC's Megyn Kelly interviews CAIR's Ibrahim Hooper as he attempts to explain why Ayann Hirsi Ali was denied her honorary degree from Brandeis University.
Benghazi Hearings To Resume With Challenges of Michael Morell Testimony
David Webb and Kirsten Powers discuss what to expect as top Republicans, McCain, Ayotte, Graham, and Gowdy are set to challenge the testimony of former CIA Deputy Director Michael Morell as the Benghazi hearings resume.
Dennis Prager: The New McCarthyism For The Left - 'Right Sounds'
Radio Talk show host Dennis Prager challenges ALL of us to stop using Firefox in protest of the firing of Mozilla CEO, Brendan Eich for making a proposition 8 donation.
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Mandatory "Smart Gun"  Bracelets?
Emily Miller (Opinion Editor, Washington Times) joins FNC's Steve Doocy to weigh in on a spirited conversation with Mark Glaze over DOJ's Eric Holder desire to 'explore' gun tracking bracelets.


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